Why Hire Me?

  • I’m rocket-scientist smart without being a nerd.  Math and English are my favorite subjects.
  • I get stuff (or grok it, as it were) very fast.
  • I’m diplomatic and don’t exhibit road rage in the boardroom (or on the road, for that matter).
  • I’m not a Milquetoast or Babbitt — I tell you what I think and why. I write and think for your company and your audience without conflating my own views into the equation.
  • I’m not a car guy, but I’ve worked extensively on car care products.
  • I’m not a forensic accountant, but I’ve helped a firm that does precisely that.
  • I’m not a econometrics professor with a Ph.D., but I’ve successfully edited and rewritten a highly technical paper of his.
  • I rarely eat brownies, but I did the branding and copywriting for a brownie from the company that supplies Ben & Jerry’s.
  • I don’t have a Ph.D. in computer science, but I mastered the technical details of a very complex digital notary service and, within a couple of weeks, I was able to explain to everyone else in the company what the application did and how it worked (something no one, not even the inventors, had been able to explain before).
  • I may or may not be an expert in your company or your product (or service). But, with rare exceptions, I am the right person to help you name your brand, create your tagline, position your company, and ultimately maximize your sales.