Your Consigliere

A term popularized by The Godfather, a consigliere is a trusted advisor, someone who understands all strategic facets of the business at hand and who will give The Boss absolutely confidential, unvarnished advice — and who will make it happen if indeed it needs to happen. A business fixer.

Strip away the whacks, the amorality, and the illegality and all CEOs and Founders need a real-world Tom Hagen, someone they can turn to at any hour and at any time, someone to talk to before that deal is signed, before the negotiation is conceded or made more aggressive, before the go-to-market launch happens, before the Madison Avenue or boutique firm is hired. Even in a crisis, you may hire or have a crisis management firm, but whom can you absolutely trust to tell you what they believe, rather than what’s politically correct or “advisable”?

With deep and broad experience in strategy, marketing, negotiations, business law and IP, software development, advertising, hiring, human psychology, mathematics, statistics and all the usual — and unusual suspects — I will be there when you need me. My guarantees are simple: (1) The truth always, whether you’ll like it or hate it; (2) Problems identified and solutions proposed; (3) Ideas and angles no else has the stones to suggest or the brains to think of. (4) Absolute confidentiality.

Contact me today. After all, no one needs to know. And your competitors will find out soon enough, anyhow.